Results of the first stage of STCU & SRNSF Targeted Research & Development Initiatives Program

The results of the first stage of the 5-th joint call organized by Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (SRNSF) in the framework of the Targeted Research & Development Initiatives (TRDI) Program have been approved by SRNSF’s Science Board on its 4-th meeting.

25 shortlisted projects have been submitted in 3 priority areas:

1. Biotechnologies and Life Sciences – 17 Project proposals

2. New Materials and Nanotechnologies - 7 Project proposals

3. Information and Communications Technologies - 1 Project proposal

STCU will forward Full Form proposal templates (with unique project proposal numbers) directly to the selected project managers by e-mail.

Full form proposals (second stage) will be evaluated by western scientific reviewers and after that STCU GB and SRNSF SB will approve projects selected for funding.

Projects shortlisted at the first stage