Georgian Scientists Continue to Give Public Lectures at Schools

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Koka Sepherteladze and the General Director of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Sulkhan Sisauri attended the public lecture of Georgian Scientist at Tbilisi Public School №42.

The lecture was organized in the scope of the “Leonardo Da Vinci “Contest initiated by the Ministry for the schoolchildren-inventors. In order to raise schoolchildren’s interest in science and technology, Doctor of Science Kakha Tavzarashvili gave public lecture on the role of information technology and Nanotechnology in life.

From March 2, 2011 in the scope of the “Leonardo Da Vinci “Contest the public lectures are organized at public schools. More than 40 Georgian Scientists take part in these lectures.

The aim of the “Leonardo Da Vinci “contest is to promote creative thinking among schoolchildren, to develop their practical skills and getting them interested in technical innovations.

Koka Sepherteladze and Sulkhan Sisauri once again introduced the program of this competition and conditions of participation to the schoolchildren and encouraged them to participate in the contest.