Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation is announcing a call “Short-Term Individual Travel Grants” for 2014

The aim of the Call is to support a wider participation of Georgian scholars in international scientific events and thus promote integration of national science into international R&D activities.

The Call “Short-Term Individual Travel Grants” is funded through the State Budget and is fully administered by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Proposals can only be submitted online through our project proposal system. In order to participate in the competition, an applicant must register online on the website of Foundation at (click on the button Electronic Registration of Scholar). Manual for the online registration is available on the Foundation’s website.

Deadlines for submission of proposals (applications and related documents) are following:
 For the events scheduled in 15 March-30 April: not later than 25 February, 2014
 For the events scheduled in May-June: not later than 24 March, 2014
 For the events scheduled in July-August: not later than 20 May, 2014
 For the events scheduled in September-October, not later than 20 July, 2014
 For the events scheduled in November-December, not later than 20 September, 2014

Late submissions will not be accepted.
Applicants will be notified of the results within 7 days following the deadline of Documents’ Submission.
Relevant information on the application form and submission procedure can be found on:

Programme Coordinator: Ani Chikovani
Address: 1 Aleksidze str, 3rd floor
Tel: + (995 32) 2 200 220
Tel: + (995 32) 2 200 220; Mobile: 577 74 14 47